Gary Lin

Founder and CEO @ Airwork arrow icon

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About Gary Lin

Gary Lin is the founder and CEO of his company, known for his leadership and active participation in company activities.

Known information

Gary Lin serves as the founder and CEO of his company, a role that highlights his leadership and entrepreneurial skills. His professional presence is established through his LinkedIn profile, which details his career and achievements. Additionally, Lin’s involvement and approachability are evidenced by his appearance in a team photo on the company’s website, signifying his active participation in company culture and operations.

About Airwork

Airwork, formerly known as Litebulb Technologies Inc., is a B2B company based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in on-demand labor marketplace services for premium blue-collar workers. It provides businesses with instant access to the top 5% of the labor force and fills 98% of shifts within 2 hours.

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