Dave Kim

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About Dave Kim

Dave Kim is the CTO and Co-Founder of Agentnoon, known for his extensive background in software development and leadership in technology startups.

Known information

Dave Kim, currently serving as the CTO and Co-Founder of Agentnoon, has been passionate about software since the age of 13. He pursued his academic interests in this field by attending the Computer Science program at the University of Toronto. Dave began his professional career as a co-op student at IBM, where he specialized as a scientific compiler developer. His journey in the tech industry further led him to join several startups as a founding engineer, where he gained significant experience in software development and startup dynamics. After working for many years with large companies, following their acquisitions, and serving in senior management roles, Dave co-founded Agentnoon with his colleague Ali. The motivation behind Agentnoon was to address the challenges they encountered during their leadership tenures in the tech industry.

About Agentnoon

Agentnoon, based in Toronto, offers workforce planning and organizational design software to enhance organizational agility. The company serves global clients with integrations across major HR systems and boasts high efficiency and user satisfaction.

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