Samantha Zhang

Lead Designer for Alexa's Data Visualizations @ Agave API arrow icon

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About Samantha Zhang

Samantha Zhang is the Lead Designer for Alexa's Data Visualizations at Amazon and has previously contributed to the technology behind Amazon Alexa's Q&A feature.

Known information

Samantha Zhang currently holds the position of Lead Designer for Alexa’s Data Visualizations at Amazon, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping how data is visually represented for one of the company’s most prominent services. Prior to this role, she was involved in developing the technology that powers the question and answer functionality for Amazon Alexa globally. Samantha maintains a personal website at and is also active on LinkedIn, where she connects with other professionals and shares insights related to her field.

About Agave API

Agave API, formerly known as Agave and Agave Search, is a B2B company based in San Francisco, CA, specializing in construction software integration and real-time analytics for construction companies.

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