Pooria Azimi

Core Engineer behind Alexa’s Q&A Platform @ Agave API arrow icon

Pooria Azimi is a core engineer behind Alexa's Q&A platform, with professional profiles on GitHub and LinkedIn.

Pooria Azimi Core Engineer at Alexa’s Q&A Platform

Pooria Azimi served as a core engineer behind the development of Alexa’s Q&A platform. Leveraging his technical skills, he played a significant role in enhancing the platform's capability to handle user queries effectively. His contributions are focused on improving the functionality and user experience of this widely used virtual assistant technology.

Pooria Azimi GitHub Profile

Pooria Azimi maintains a GitHub profile where he showcases his coding expertise and contributions to various projects. The profile includes repositories that reflect his proficiency in software engineering and collaborative projects. GitHub acts as a platform for Pooria Azimi to share his work, connect with other developers, and contribute to open-source projects.

Pooria Azimi LinkedIn Profile

Pooria Azimi's LinkedIn profile highlights his professional background, skills, and experience as a core engineer. It provides insights into his career journey, key projects, and professional network. LinkedIn serves as a platform for Pooria Azimi to connect with industry professionals, share updates, and explore career opportunities.

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