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Agave API, previously known as Agave and Agave Search, operates from San Francisco, CA, and is part of the B2B industry, focusing specifically on construction software integration. The company, which participated in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, employs a team of 10 and serves regions across the United States and Canada. Agave API offers a range of products and services designed to facilitate seamless integration and automation for construction companies and software vendors. Their offerings include the Agave API + Link Component and Branded Marketplace Apps for software vendors, and a pricing information and use case library for contractors. The company supports integrations with various construction management and accounting systems and provides a no-code interface to help automate manual tasks in construction. Additionally, Agave API maintains a comprehensive set of developer documentation and API references on their website, along with security information and service status updates. They have also collaborated with Autodesk in hosting a webinar focused on ERP Sync, highlighting their commitment to enhancing industry knowledge and application.

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