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Company Overview

AeonCharge, formerly known as Laegacy Inc., is located in Seattle, WA, USA. With a professional team of 16 members, the company is part of the Business-to-Business (B2B) industry. AeonCharge is focused on creating a roaming hub that connects every electric vehicle (EV) charger and electric vehicle in the market. The company's primary operational regions include the United States, America/Canada, and they also support remote and partly remote collaborations.


AeonCharge offers a comprehensive e-Mobility Portal designed for seamless integration with charging networks across North America. The portal simplifies access, payment processing, and session tracking for various brands of EV chargers. Additionally, AeonCharge's platform automatically manages payouts to respective charging network operators for businesses, ensuring a streamlined process.

Charging Network Integration

AeonCharge is integrated with over 15 major charging networks in North America, providing extensive connectivity for electric vehicle chargers. This network integration allows AeonCharge to facilitate access to over 70,000 charging stations, making it the largest aggregator in the country with a market coverage of 76%.

Y-Combinator W22 Batch

AeonCharge was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, which highlights the company's innovative approach in the B2B sector, especially within the realm of electric vehicle charging and connectivity.

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