AdvisorEngine offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for wealth management. These services include migration and onboarding, training and support, custom indexing, portfolio consulting, and compliance consulting. The platform ensures a smooth transition and consistent support for users, enhancing their operational efficiencies and compliance adherence.

Wealth Management Platform

AdvisorEngine provides a robust wealth management platform designed to cater to the dynamic needs of financial advisors. The platform integrates CRM, portfolio management, planning and investing tools, digital onboarding, and personalized client portal capabilities. This all-in-one solution is designed to streamline processes and empower advisors to deliver exceptional client service.

Client Portal Capabilities

AdvisorEngine's client portal is engineered to deliver personalized client experiences through configurable settings. This portal supports onboarding, funding, and reporting, allowing clients to seamlessly engage with their financial advisors. The platform's user-centric design aims to enhance client satisfaction and engagement.

Business Intelligence Module

AdvisorEngine utilizes a comprehensive business intelligence module that aggregates firm and historical data. This module supports business decisions by providing deep insights and data-driven analytics. It empowers firms to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance performance through intelligent data utilization.

Portfolio Management Tools

AdvisorEngine offers sophisticated portfolio management tools designed to support rebalancing, performance reporting, and fee billing. These tools facilitate efficient management of client portfolios, ensuring accuracy in performance tracking and transparency in fee structures. The platform supports advisors in maintaining optimal portfolio health and client trust.

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Altafid offers a suite of business tools and individual modules designed to enhance tech stacks, providing financial advisors with interconnected tools to simplify decision-making and reduce operational costs.