Company Overview

Adra is a healthcare IT company based in Singapore, specializing in software solutions for dental clinics. The company launched in 2021 and participated in Y Combinator's S21 batch. Adra's software is designed to help dental clinics detect cavities and other issues in x-rays with greater speed and accuracy. The team consists of 10 members, including a dentist and clinic owner, a machine learning expert, and a bioscientist. Adra operates actively, serving regions like Singapore, Southeast Asia, and offering remote and partly remote services.


Adra was founded by a diverse team of experts: a dentist and clinic owner, a machine learning expert, and a bioscientist. This unique combination of skills has enabled the development of a specialized software that enhances the accuracy of dental diagnostics. Each founder brings a crucial perspective to the company, merging practical healthcare experience with advanced technological expertise.


Adra provides software solutions aimed at improving dental clinic operations. The primary service offered is an advanced software that aids in the quicker and more accurate identification of cavities and other dental issues through x-rays. This service not only assists dental professionals in making precise diagnoses but also has the potential to significantly boost clinic revenues.

Market Impact

Adra addresses a substantial market, with an addressable market size of $13 billion. In its pilot phase with 20 dentists, Adra's software demonstrated the potential to increase clinic revenue by 12%. This translates to a potential increase in dentist billing by $52 billion annually. By improving diagnostic accuracy and operational efficiency, Adra is positioned to make a notable impact in the dental healthcare sector.

Regions of Operation

Adra operates in multiple regions, primarily in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Additionally, the company offers remote and partly remote services, allowing it to expand its reach beyond its primary geographic locations. This flexibility helps Adra cater to a broader array of clients and optimize its service delivery.

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